Schematic of the B276 Microchip©
The wind was howling. The trees swayed in the breeze. It was time for Hollow Willy to, once again, make his statement to the world. With a twist, he slithered out from under the fallen oak tree, spraying his venom to mark his turf. Producing his hand-flute from one of his many front pockets, he pressed it to his decayed lips and indulged himself in a song. Thank God I'm a Country Boy was his selection for today, and he played it on his flute for all the world to hear. It was just before dark when young Nathan turned out his light and hopped into bed. Tomorrow was a school day, and being a second grader, he had to be in bed before 8:00, so his parents could smoke and drink until the sun came up. He had just fallen asleep when he
heard a tap, tap, tapping on his window. Young Nathan pulled back his curtains and saw the decaying face od Hollow Willy, flute in mouth, all ready to play young Nathan a melody. This time, his selection would be that "I Can Help" song from the 70's. Willy blew out the first couple of verses: "If you have a problem, I don't care what it is....I can help. I've got two strong arms. I can help...It would sure do me good to do you good let me help..." Up to this point, young Nathan's only problem concerned getting up early enough on Saturday mornings to catch his favorite shows, Dr. Shrinker, Big John, Little John, and the Bugaloos. Now he had been slapped in the face with an abomination from hell. What was he to do? Suddenly, young Nathan felt at ease. It was as if an invisible lightbulb filament was combing his hair. Like a string puppet, young Nathan began dancing about the room. Twirling, whirling, swirling, spinning and a'grinning, the boy pranced about to Hollow Willy's irresistibly hypnotic tune. His eyes began shifting violently from side to side. Anyone who might have witnessed this display
would surely think the boy was insane, his little arms slapping his sides like two limp noodles. When the song was over, young Nathan fell to the floor like a rag doll. He looked up to the window as Hollow Willy gave him a toothless grin and a wink of his eye. "Whoop!", screamed Hollow Willy as he disappeared into the midnight air. Hollow Willy's invasion upon the earth had been successful. He had manipulated the living in a grotesque display of power. And so, with a chuckle, Hollow Willie gnawed down on his last bite of Slim Jim and scooted back to the fallen oak tree. He sniffed the ground for his venom, then, satisfied that this was from whence he came, slithered back under the tree until the next night the wind would howl through his evil, hollow soul.