Scribbons warmly chuckled and swiftly murmured some type of vulgar blaphemities as they taped the spanish pesos to the inside of his shakey hand so he wouldn't drop them. They screamed many obscenities at him as they kicked poor naked Scribbons from the naval airplane at 3000 feet above the Arctic Circle. They spit at him, and threw bottles at him as he plunged towards the ground in somewhat of a tipsy turvey reverse swiveling type of dance. You see, Scribbons was caught throwing poopies again, and well, to him it was funny and he thought the risk of such an action was well worth the enormous emotional high he received from engaging in such activity, but noone else shared Scribbons humorous views. When they gazed down from the plane, the could clearly see Scribbons flipping them off and laughing as he became more and more a blurr due to the increase of distance betwixt them. Hours later, they were still cursing him. "I hope his guts splatter from the Arctic Circle to Japan" said one of them and soon the others followed. Before long, they were all scoffing and blasting Scribbons in every manner. Scribbons was going down in the history books as one piece of crap that everyone hated. It was the 14th of November which was known to most as the day of the dogs. It had been 3 years since the men had dropped Scribbons from the airplane, when spicle-dee-dee - ooo-la-la, they couldn't believe their eyes! They marveled at what they saw! Next to Horris's one-stop sweeper belt shop, was a sight they just could not believe! Out of Pap's tobacco hut skipped Scribbons with a bag full of tobacco and a million dollar smile. Scribbons spied them and immediately began hurling poopies at them. The men watched in astonishment as Scribbons violently swiveled, swirled and staggered into the musty sunset that day. They knew that someday, somehow, somewhere, Scribbons would be back delivering his poopies for all to enjoy.