Please leave a hickory post by the walkway on which to rest my cane, tophat, kerchief and tennis shoes upon. Thank you.
Hans Loco will be waiting his departure at terminal 42a, right next to the Nacho Cafe. He will be smartly dressed in a well-to-do pinstriped suit and a Sunday go-to-meetin' tophat. Please do little to discourage Mr. Loc. He is a very shy and timid man.
Tomorrow is a day for rejoicing, after all, it's Thanksgiving dontchaknow. We will tolerate absolutely no horseplay, shenanigans, weezing, whimpering, spewing, hurling, hacking, or nasal/anal discharge demonstrations in any manner. You will sit quietly, smile, and enjoy the view.
Hat's Off
Hats off to you my good fine friend. I only come to you in peace today. I mean you absolutely no harm. I am merely looking for a nice, warm place to sit down, relax, take off my shoes, and yell and scream horrible obscenities.