Woaa!! What a slanflickular view! I can see all over said Mr. Goldblume as he knelt down once more. He was bewildered at the site of the dark walls. The akward smell made him spew and hurl, but he kept on going as he screamed out little blastphemities. As he made a louie, he found himself wedged in a corner, his pelvis too tightly sqeezed to manuever in any direction. Suddenly, he spied a large dark colored dinosaur making its way towards him. Little UFO's were all about him in all directions as he was still stuck and could not move. When osh-b-la gosh a very loud ooooo-la-la was heard as he began to feel himself
moving backwards. In a wink of a one-eyed jack, Mr. Goldblume found himself swirling around counterclockwise (he was north of the equator) and akwardly spinning silly. As he was heading directly for the little hole, he tried to grasp onto anything he could find. It was too late as he was vigorously sucked into the hole, feet first. Willie Wonka blew his swisher shweet whistle and the Oompa Loompa's went in to rescue him.